Catalin-Lucian LUNGU

Catalin-Lucian LUNGU





Artist: Catalin-Lucian LUNGU

Country: Romania - Belgium


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Face: catalin.lucianlungu






All the works of graphic of the artist are realised in a mixed technique, a collage of photos in nature, colour and acrylic pencils . The artists’ interest focuses on the world of plants, being a minutious observer of the plant structures – dead leaves, dry apples, branches and tree trunks. All the photos are transferred into his favourite medium - colour paper , photo paper or canvas– and then continued with colour pencils and acrylic.
The artist rediscovers a technique admired at the beginning of the 18th century: the coloured pencil technique of Jean Antoine Watteau and the modern photographic technique of the 21st century, thus creating a bridge between the two techniques.
Yet, Catalin-Lucian LUNGU’s graphical works are triumphant in the academic dispute that opposes the Rubenists, supporters of colours, to the Poussinists, supporters of drawing. The harmonious mixture between photos and colour pencils creates the impression that his works are paintings and the subtle mixture of the two techniques create a particularly charming effect.

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